1. to escape reality in pursuit of a permanent dream-like state of mind. 

Following our belief in living as a minimalist, we left the corporate grind and turned away from mass media. Instead of having to live in this outlined life of compulsory consumption, we prefer to enjoy the simple things life has to offer.







We have dedicated 1% of our total net sales to protect the environment.





Our leather products are proudly re-purposed from airplane seats. Each product is carefully handcrafted in California by local leather-smith Antonio de León. He has been working with leather for over 20 years and the quality of his craftsmanship is impeccable.


Round beach towels originated decades ago in Southern California. Our mission is to inspire the outdoor lifestyle. Slippa has created a new medium for art by using round towels as a blank canvas.The story of the round beach towel all starts in Los Angeles, CA. More than three decades ago, a man by the name of Clemens teamed up with up-and-coming actor Woody Harrelson and screenwriter Bobby Farrelly to sell the first round beach towel. The round towel was born in California, and their purposes are endless. The biggest advantage of our product is for sun tanning. The sun is constantly moving and the sunlight's angle can effect the evenness of your tan. With our towel, you just simply turn your body to face the sun versus moving your entire towel. SLIPPA is an authentic brand, the co-founders Jeff & Eric live a true beach lifestyle. They spend most of their days in the water. Whether it is surfing a local reef, or free diving for lobsters, this brand emerged from true outdoor living. SLIPPA is meant to inspire others to leave their 9-5 life, and never look back. 


SLIPPA products are designed in San Diego, CA. Our round towel collection utilizes a special blend of fabric that is extremely soft and absorbent, we use sustainable 400 GSM  terry loop cotton. Most beach towels utilize standard 300 GSM cotton, we wanted to improve on the softness so we decided to use a thicker alternative, 400 GSM cotton. In addition, the round beach towels make a great canvas to display design work. Instead of just making really basic prints, we decided to reach out to our artist network. The artists are from all over the world, making each design unique to different locations around the globe. The colors were carefully curated to be more vibrant and fun than other towels. We are beginning to utilize various dyes that are derived from algae to use to print on the towels as well. In order to be sustainable, we wanted to make sure the most chemically harmful process was the most sustainable for our collection. SLIPPA is proud to be using sustainable cotton. Oekotek is the standard cotton we use, which does increase the price of our product however vital to an eco-friendly future. In addition, our towel carriers are made from re-purposed leather salvaged from airplanes in the San Diego International Airport. The straps themselves are hand crafted here in California by local artisan, Antonio. We are launching new accessories and products this upcoming Fall/Winter. 

 The towels are great for many different uses. So really it is not only a beach towel, but also great for home decor, bath towel, picnic, throw blanket, table cover, rug, and much more! So toss one on your couch, coffee table, and when your ready to hit the beach grab it before you leave! We first started with two designs, and after learning about all of the different uses, we decided to launch ten more! If you are interested in ordering towels as gifts, please go to our contact page. The towels make amazing gifts, they are so unique and fun that our busiest season is the holidays! We even do corporate gifting and gifts for weddings. Recently we have been supplying a lot of towels to destination weddings, so if your getting married at the beach you will want to bring some of our round towels for sure! The towel is a perfect fit for two people as well! So if you're headed to the beach or the park, you can share it with someone!