Land & Sea Initiative 

We have split our line into two categories, Land & Sea. 
Towels devoted to our Land initiative will plant a tree for every one purchased 
Cape Verde, Mojave, Hana, Brahma, Dharma
The Sea Collection will fund the Ocean Clean up, removing plastics from the ocean. By 2050, there will be no more plastic in the oceans.
Lotus; Eddy; Moana; Wanderlust; Lani



- Our towels are made from a 400 GSM terry cotton. GSM is short for grams per square meter, denser cotton can be more absorbent and feel softer. However cotton that is TOO dense can be extremely heavy when damp. After spending 4 years of field testing, we have found the perfect balance. 

- 5 Feet in diameter. Most beach towels are 30 x 60 inches. We wanted to design a towel that was more practical and that can fit all of your stuff! So our towels are 60 inches all around, twice the size of an average beach towel. 

- All designs are hand drawn by artists from around the globe. We take our design work very seriously, each one has a unique meaning and inspiration for it's creation.