Swimming Towels

Swimming towels are as imperative as your bathing suit. Don't leave home without the perfect solution - a Slippa towel. 

The best places to swim are near the equator in the Caribbean. The sun can be very powerful in this equatorial area so be sure to bring a lot of sun lotion, hats, and swimming towels to protect yourself from the harmful ultraviolet rays. It is important to pack light because you may need to travel via small boat to cross islands. A trucker hat with waterproof lining is also a great option for a beach hat in case you want take a dip and not worry about having to dry out your stuff. A thick zinc paste for your face is necessary if you decide to go fishing or take excursions. My favorite swimming towels to bring on vacation are very thin and light so they pack well. The best diving and place to swim in the world is the Caribbean sea.

The water visibility can be fifty to one hundred feet. Many areas of the Caribbean have dense coral reefs with colorful fish and sea life. Bright colors usually act to ward off predators and correlate to toxic substances so do not touch any parts of the reef when swimming. The Caribbean culture reflects a lot of these bright colors in their swimsuits, and towels for swimming to relate to their natural environment.

If you get the chance to take a scuba class make sure to get fitted for a wetsuit since the water gets cold when diving deep. You will notice the water temperature drops dramatically after passing a certain point, known as the thermocline. After a deep dive will be looking for swimming towels and sun to dry off even in the summer without a wetsuit. You will never forget to bring swimming towels again if you have been in this situation and want to dry off fast.

Free diving is the most simple form of swimming practiced by locals to collect dinner and adrenaline junkies seeking a rush since the sport is rather dangerous and can have fatal outcomes when not trained properly. Experienced free divers will place wet towels for swimming on their face to activate their mammalian reflex and prepare their body for a long breath hold and deep dive. The sensory organs in the face are usually cut off from the snorkel mask so using swimming towels to activate these sensors is key.

It's important to always dive and swim with a partner no matter where you go. The warm waters near the equator are home to many sharks and predators. Dusk and Dawn are the most active feeding times and should be avoided. Towels for swimming can be used as a tourniquet in cases of an emergency shark bite, the material will absorb the surrounding wound and suppress bleeding.  Emergency first aid books will explain how to tie a tourniquet.

Towels for swimming are the most important thing  to bring on a trip to Equatorial areas. You may need them to change out of your swim suit, cover you head to hide from the powerful sun, or dry off your snorkel gear. The water contains more salt than other parts of the world which will corrode your equipment faster than usual.