Printed Beach Towels

Printed beach towels are perfect to leisure. Enjoy laying on something different, enjoy Slippa. 


SLIPPA has the most unique printed beach towels on the market. Instead of doing traditional designs like what is commonly seen, we wanted to create something unique. We always saw our product as a blank canvas that can display some amazing artwork. And it dawned on us, we have so many friends and family who are talented artists, why not incorporate their art onto our towels. Everyone has such a different style so we had to choose the people who were most aligned with our vision of what we wanted. Our good friend Travis Eddy was the first artist we brought on board. He grew up in Uruguay and was exposed to some epic ruins and geographic landscapes. The inspiration for his artwork can speak for itself. The only issue was he had such complex line work, as did our other friends. In the beginning, we tried to influence his art pieces to be simplistic so they would print easily. But after realizing you cannot tamper with an artists’ groove, we backed off and went back to the drawing board.  So we had to do our diligence when it came to researching the best methods to transfer the art to the printed beach towels. After discussing for months with our factory, we were finally able to discover a sound proof technique. The prevalent method seemed to be sublimation, many companies opt for this since it is easy and cheap. But it is not the best way, at least for quality reasons. The ink essentially sits on top of the toweling fabric, and is very susceptible to fading and damage when washed or left in the sun. This was unacceptable for us, there beach towels for crying out loud! Of course there going to be getting dirty and sandy and need frequent washing. In addition, they will be in the sun all day long! We knew we had to figure out how to fuse the dyes into the fabric itself so it would be durable and long lasting. There was a process that our factory owned, this proprietary method was extremely time consuming. We were worried it would drive the cost of our product way too high, but quality is the most important thing to us and our printed beach towels. We were not willing to sacrifice this process for an inferior product. We quickly learned that when we started to order larger quantities, the process overall became dramatically less expensive. The only problem was we were solely selling the printed beach towels online, so we had to open up our business model to accept retailers. This was a huge step for our business, and now you are able to find our products in thousands of stores around the globe. If you are looking to purchase a towel and want to see it first hand before ordering, feel free to contact us with your location and we will notify you of the closest retailer we serve. Overall, if you’re looking for unique printed beach towels that will last you a life time, you’ve come to the right place!

One of the benefits of having family in the south is that you get to explore the southern coastline. This is not a place well known for surf, but it sure has its days. One of my favorite printed beach towels had surf spots on it, and we had been to most of them. And if you like to fish, it is pretty epic down there.

On one particular trip to South Carolina for Christmas, we drove down as a family from New York. The only place my brother and I wanted to stop was in North Carolina. On previous trips we have been all over South Carolina, which did not offer much surf wise. The area was quite over run, especially Myrtle Beach. You’d pass the stores and see countless printed beach towels hanging in the display, cheap shirts, and oddly enough lots of weapons and paraphernalia. We have surfed in the Outer Banks before and it was super fun, but we did not have time for that on this particular trip. The outer banks are really out of the way since you have to go to the barrier islands, and the trip wasn’t all about surfing. We had a collection of printed beach towels with surf maps for North Carolina on it, and we were fixed on Wilmington. This surf town was well known for consistency and good vibes.

When we first arrived, I felt like I was in Southern California. Everyone was extremely laid back, and the surf shops were super legit. We picked up some more printed beach towels as gifts for my cousins, who always wanted to visit Wilmington. It was December, so we were surfing water temperatures that were in the upper 40’s or lower 50’s that time of year. We would have to suit up in 6/5 mm wetsuits and 7mm booties and gloves. But we knew it was much warmer in the south. I brought my 4/3 and my brother brought a 3/2. When we showed up to the beach it was around 10AM, and the air was brisk but still warm. It had to be around 60 degrees, and for us New Yorkers it mind as well be summer! The water temperature was not bad at all either; I remember wishing I brought my 3/2 instead! The winds were offshore and the waves were around 3-4 feet. My brother and I traded off waves for hours and the pier was such an epic spot to surf. My parents were posted up taking some awesome shots on the pier and it was especially awesome to watch the lefts come in since they went straight into the pier. After we got done surfing we headed over to the local surf shop to try and find a new surfboard. That is all we ever wanted for Christmas and we were quite eager to get new boards after that session. The east coast waves are a bit mushier and you needed something with lots of volume.

The first thing I noticed in the shop was the huge collection of printed beach towels. As we scoured the board racks I realized we were never going to find a solid board with the budget we had to work with. The local shop owner told us of a spot where a man sells boards out of his garage. At first we were hesitant but it was our last shot. After driving an hour towards the mystery garage we were surprised to discover this was more of a warehouse. There was so many boards to choose from! We both picked out boards, and since it was Christmas were given free leashes, fins, and even some printed beach towels. Our stay in North Carolina was over and we continued our journey to the South.