Mandala Beach Towels

Mandala beach towels accentuate any beach day. Don't leave home without yours. 

One of my favorite words is Mandala, but what does it actually mean? The origin of the word is from two religions, Buddhism and Hinduism. It is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe. We chose to make a collection of Mandala beach towel for those who wanted to embrace the wandering lifestyle through our universe. It reminds of us how small we are and how important it is for everyone to contribute to society. Whether that means cleaning up the beaches, treating others with respect, or trying to create something that will improve our world. Our main goal when we first started SLIPPA was to create a social movement of like-minded individuals that were willing to devote themselves to make the world a better place. The symbol of a round Mandala beach towel is much more than a fashion statement; it is rather a symbol for improving the way we live. Mandala’s were first created in Tibet and Nepal, where the two prior mentioned religions were heavily influenced.

One of our passions here in Southern California is yoga, specifically we practice Bikram. This form of yoga has a very spiritual rhythm to it. When we want to align our bodies and detox ourselves from the everyday vices, we simply practice Bikram for a few hours per week. When we first started designing the mandala beach towel, we had this practice in mind. We wanted to create something that you can spread your body 360 and have an equal amount of space all around for every limb. The traditional mats were very long and thin, and it was impossible to keep your body on the mat. I also wanted to make something that would help me center, so a perfect circle only made sense. The mandala beach towel is not just for the beach, but wherever you decide to practice yoga as well. There are so many gatherings here in San Diego at parks and beaches where groups practice, so next time your headed to a class make sure to bring a mandala beach towel!

The other meaning of the mandala is completeness and self-unity. It would only make sense to create something to lay on that will fulfill this effect. A round blanket that made you feel whole and complete would have to have an artistic touch to it. Many of the artists we chose specialize in creating unique mandala designs. Two talented artists we brought on board was Jessica Melaragni and Elaine Poti, they both hail from Europe. We discovered them on social media and were blown away by their ability to create such beautiful pieces of art. Their designs were too perfect to not be used for our Mandala beach towel collection. If you want to check out their other artwork the best way to view it is on their Instagram pages. Just type their name in the search bar and you will be blown away!

There are so many other applications for our products, going to the beach and yoga class is just a few things you can do!