Luxury Beach Towels & Expensive Beach Towels

Luxury beach towels are for any adventure, quality lasts a lifetime. Embrace Slippa. 



Whether your living in a coastal area or in the Midwest, having travel and summer essentials is a must. Luxury beach towels are one of those key items. There are so many options available but there is only a few that suit all of your needs. Quality is the first thing that should come to mind, hence why you should always buy 100% cotton products. Blends of fabrics such as polyester and microfiber are not the best alternatives. Cotton is one of the only materials that is 100% biodegradable. The fabric can completely breakdown in only 4-5 months. But it doesn’t stop there, sustainable cotton is not only softer, but good for the environment. Our luxury beach towels are made from a high grade cotton which is OEKO-TEX® Certified. This certification means that the material is tested for harmful substances and heavy metals that can affect your health. The weight of cotton is a good indicator of the quality. Most beach towels fall into the 200 to 300 GSM range. GSM stands for grams per square meter. Typically, the higher the GSM, the better. But at a certain point the towel will be too heavy and become a burden to lug around. Especially once it becomes damp, luxury beach towels over 450 GSM can become your worst enemy on an adventure. The optimal weight for luxury beach towels is 400 GSM, which is what we at Slippa use for our collection. Given our brand is so keen on the environment, we did our diligence on where our cotton was sourced. Unfortunately, most cotton is grown very unsustainably. Farmers clear forests for land to grow plots of cotton just a few times before decimating the soil. Leaving the plot unusable. After traveling through southeast Asia, we were able to source cotton from a farmer that grew the cotton sustainably and does not use harmful pesticides that can affect your health. In order to preserve the soil, the way you care for the land is essential. There are some ancient techniques that sustainable farmers utilize that allow them to repeatedly use the land without having to move their crop to new land. The pesticides and chemicals are mainly to deter insects and promote faster growing cotton. These practices are not only bad for the land, but your health. Most people do not realize that there are so many harmful chemicals being used in the textile industry. Some of these chemicals can transfer through your pores in your skin, which is the human’s largest organ. In some studies, these chemicals have proven to be cancerous and cause other chronic illnesses. After washing a low grade towel, you will notice the dyes sometimes bleed or fade. Depending on how you washed to towel, this can be an indicator of poor quality. The best part about our products is as you wash them, they become softer and softer. The print remains just as vivid, and it will last you a lifetime. Overall, our luxury beach towels take all of these factors into account, which is why we are proud to say we have the best product on the market.