Jumbo Beach Towels

Jumbo beach towels are for those living the luxurious path- even at the beach. Grab a Slippa towel today. 

Growing up on Long Island you have a love hate relationship with the summer. The winters are so long and many residents highly anticipate the summer months. From October until June in New York there is no going to the beach for leisure, only the surfers are roaming that time of year. But once the summer hits, it’s mayhem. There are millions and millions of people that live on the island, and they all want to head to the shores to get relief from the humid summer. They grab their jumbo beach towels and coolers full of snacks and head to the closest sandy shore. Many people will stay on the north shore of the island which is a bit rockier and not the best for laying out on. My parents had a home on the north shore near a small cove, and my brother and I would explore with the neighborhood kids for hours upon hours every crevice of that beach. I’ll never forget one day that we were digging a massive hole on the beach and covered it with one of my mom’s jumbo beach towels to create a trap for our friends. Luckily they did not fall for it because looking back someone would have totally gotten hurt!

The most unforgettable memory of Long Island was where I learned to surf, Montauk. This was the mecca in my opinion of Long Island and this is where my brother and I would spend a majority of our time. Winter or summer, did not matter, we always were hanging out in Montauk. The summer was pretty dreadful out there however, there was one road that would lead all the way out, and the traffic during the summer was immense. It was like a mass migration of people. Many people would drop off and give up, stopping out in the Hamptons which had great beaches to visit and lay out on their jumbo beach towels.

Once you’d finally reach Montauk, the next obstacle was parking. There is not much free parking anymore, never really was to begin with but now it is near impossible. We had family at the infamous Ditch Plains, which was one of the surf mecca’s in Montauk. However, it was mainly for beginners, this is where we primarily learned the basics. I have so many amazing memories of my parents hanging on our jumbo beach towels while my brother and I would trade off countless waves. After years of surfing, we started to get more experienced and started surfing the point. This stretch of coastline had some really amazing point breaks, mainly rights. My parents were not huge fans of watching us surf out that way, the beach was full of boulders and rocks. We use to have really plush jumbo beach towels that you can stack up and create a nest but it was still very uncomfortable. My parents always enjoyed watching us surf but after years and years of bringing us all over the place they were drained. I think it was the best day ever for them when we had our drivers licenses’ so they didn’t have to chauffeur us around anymore and hang out on the rocks!