Giant Beach Towels

Giant beach towels help everyone. Be the life of the beach this weekend with a big beach towel from Slippa.

The first time visiting the Caribbean was on a cruise ship, a floating buffet where you’d just eat yourself into a coma and “enjoy” the entertainment aboard or bask on giant beach towels near the pool. My brother and I just got into surfing when we started this trip, and were so stoked to visit the islands. The only issue was that the stops were so short, you’d have only a few hours to enjoy the island which basically meant surfing was out of the question. I’ll never forget we had some giant beach towels with us and we planned to set up a spot right in front of the surf. We ran down to the beach to check the waves, most of the islands were completely flat. But the one island that seemed to be surf-able was Puerto Rico. We stopped into San Juan and did not witness any waves, but we heard rumors on the west coast there was all sorts of world class point breaks. After hearing about this, we planned our next family trip to Rincon. 

That following year, we packed our bags with the essentials. We had the surf boards, zinc, wax, leashes, you name it. We even brought some of our famous giant beach towels. We flew into the north on a red-eye from JFK, landed in Aguadilla around 6AM. As we emerged from the plane like zombie’s, running off nearly no sleep. The first objective was to fill up on some grub, we stopped at a local bakery and found some amazing pastries and the infamous jamon y queso sandwich. This thing was pressed with butter and so delicious. It was a challenge to find our place at first, we probably drove around the city at least 4 times! Then we found the magical Road to Happiness, Route 413. This rode headed along the coast of the island to our bungalow on Bunker Hill. This was the ultimate place to stay in PR. As you walked across the lawn to the ocean, it was a small secret path that lead to a private reef break called “Antonio’s”. To the south was a sandy beach called, well, Sandy Beach. That was an awesome beginner spot and it was great for us to warm up there for the upcoming weeks.

We laid out our giant beach towels the following day at another beach down the road, called Marias. This was by far my favorite place I ever surfed in Puerto Rico. The land of the rights, on the point was a spot called Indicators. I remember catching one of the longest waves I have ever had at the time (I was around 14 years old), where I grew up in NY the waves were very short! I’ll never forget running back to our giant beach towels after that session with so much froth and stoke that I could barely speak!

If you ever visit Puerto Rico, you must stay on the west side in Rincon. I liked the area I was in near Sandy Beach, but there are plenty of other gems that will go un-named for now. The area that you fly into is called Aguadilla, and you'll want to bring your big beach towels to a spot called Crashboat. This area is a lovely well kept beach with an amazing view! There is a large concrete pier you can jump off with a surfboard and ride some waves or just to jump into the ocean for fun! 

The sand here is so nice but for some reason seemed to be super sticky to everything. I wanted to make sure that I brought some big beach towels to keep our stuff out of the sand. It took weeks to get that sand out of my hair! There is a local food market there as well that has some amazing local cuisine. So grab a beer and some food if you decide to visit the famous Crashboat, I guarantee you'll fall in love with it!