Floral Beach Towels

Perfect floral beach towels can make or break a beach day. Let Slippa help you make your beach day. 

My first visit to Hawaii was to one of the most magical islands I have ever visited. After doing a bit of research, we decided to experience Kauai for the first time in Hawaii. This is the furthest northwest island and supposedly the most pristine. Our friend brought a floral beach towel to wrap his boards in, and he was already in Oahu so he was the first to arrive. After checking into the condo, he started to scout potential surf breaks. I was the second person to land, and as soon as I touched down I got barraged with text messages. He seemed to have found the perfect left already! I waited impatiently to get my boards from over-sized luggage, and was greeted by a local with a lei. It reminded me of the flower towels I had brought to wrap up my boards in. On our previous trip to the Caribbean, my friends and I thought it would be wise to wrap up everything in towels to keep the boards safe. The only thing they offered at the surf shop in the Dominican was a hibiscus floral beach towel. Since it at least had some Hawaiian flavor, we grabbed a bunch!

My buddy pulled up in our rental car, which was a beat up Nissan with peeling paint. He rented it from a local near Hanalei for $10 cash a day, sweet deal! Although we were far from it, we almost looked like some locals. The spot he found was a tucked away on the opposite side of the famous right at Hanalei Bay. It was called Waikokos. We walked down the slippery muddy path to find this goddess surfer girl taking selfies. It was the one and only, Alana Blanchard. I felt like I was in a movie! She was twirling around with a floral beach towel and the smallest bottoms I had ever seen. As I looked beyond her I noticed a reeling perfect left, with nobody out! Now I really felt like I was dreaming! I threw our flower towels to the ground and ran to say hello to Alana. Just kidding, I ran to the surf. After a few hours of surfing it all to ourselves, we couldn’t get out until the sun went down. The next day my brother and another buddy flew in, we hastily picked them up and went on to explore some new spots. My brother and buddy who we picked up were both regular footed, while myself and other good friend were goofy footed. After a quick argument, we decided to look for a right, besides that is what the island was known for. We came up on a secret spot that broke so magically, and what do you know, sweet Alana was there taking selfies again! Just kidding, she was just there playing with her army of pups. As we all stared in awe and couldn’t help but enjoy the view, I heard a shout behind us from a group of surfers. They were ironically rocking a floral beach towel and waving down Alana. Luckily they were done surfing for the day, because they just got together and headed out. We were a bit sad to see her leave, but then again the waves were cranking and there were only a few people surfing. It was a great start to our trip, and we quickly ditched the flower towels on the sand and jumped in for another epic session.