Extra Large Beach Blankets

An extra large beach blanket can make or break your beach day. Shop our selection of towel blankets below. 

Starting SLIPPA has presented so many opportunities for us to travel, and fortunately many of these places are what most would consider to be paradise. The islands are our personal favorite places to visit. We used to have an extra large beach blanket that I would use on the flights as a blanket, for some reason planes get so cold even when you’re flying somewhere tropical! On this particular trip, I had to visit Florida for a sales trip and more importantly to meet with the Director of the Swim Show. We were working on the custom Swim Show towel in Miami for the upcoming Swim Week, and I couldn’t help but think that there was probably going to be some surf while I was visiting. Well, whenever you visit the east coast one thing I would recommend is to have very low expectations. Florida is one of those places that rarely get really good surf, especially in the southern region. I was staying in downtown Miami, and there was virtually no surf. I did enjoy the beautiful beaches and got to share my extra large beach blanket with some amazing people.

After my meetings and rounds, I was quite eager to search for waves. I talked to so many surf shops while I was there and everyone could not stop talking about the hurricane that just passed a few weeks ago. It was supposedly an epic few weeks in Miami, and the storm brought in the best surf they had in a decade, or at least that is what I was told. I walked into First Surf shop in Miami, and I was checking out their extra large beach blanket and some new board shorts that I desperately needed. One of the owners, Christian, told me of a wave that is fairly consistent, but that it was a hike. They told me to check out Jensen Beach up north, this was a solid 4-hour drive. Usually I won’t drive that far to find waves when I am alone, but on this trip I was frothing to get in that warm ocean. It was November, and back in San Diego the water temp just started to dip (3/2 with booties). I was pumped to surf in board shorts again, and just decided to go for it. On my way up I stopped into a another shop near Juno Pier called Local surf shop. They lent me a Al Merrick Neckbeard short board, first time I ever used something like this. The tail was blocked off and it was super thick (good for smaller surf). I laid out my extra large beach blanket and jumped in for a quick surf at the pier. The waves were super small but it was nice to get a few quick rides. After the surf I started the drive to Jensen. I pulled off and took a nap until the sun rose, and when I woke up I saw a mysto left breaking at Jensen Beach. I surfed it for about an hour and realized it was not much of wave, just a nice drop and one turn but then it would get so fat from the disappearing sand bar that you’d have nothing left to ride.

As I got out of the surf and grabbed my extra large beach blanket, a local walked over the dune to check the surf. I quickly asked if he knew of any better waves in the area, and he just nodded and said, “follow me north”. Not too much longer I found myself at Fort Pierce, this made the drive all worth it!!!