Cute Beach Towels

A cute bikini is only so much. Add a cute beach towel to your bag and make your beach days better than ever. 

Some of the best beaches in the US are in Southern California, particularly in San Diego. The southern gem is peppered with surf breaks, beautiful landscapes, and amazing sandy beaches. My first visit to San Diego my family and I stayed in La Jolla, in my opinion this is heaven on earth. We stayed in a cottage in the heart of the coastal city. This is where I discovered the nicest beach I have ever seen. When we first walked down to see the ocean, I couldn’t help but notice all of the cute beach towels scattered along the white sand and all of the gorgeous people laying among them. The first thing that came to mind was that all of these girls could not get enough of their cute beach towels. One of the girls came running towards us to ask if we had any wax, we gave her the bar and started to suit up. It is rare to find a place where everyone is so genuinely happy. She asked if we had any zinc, of course we forgot it. As she reached for her bag, I couldn’t help but ask her what this beach was called. She responded, Windnsea. We slapped the mud on our noses and cheeks, and jumped into the blue pacific.
The first wave I caught at this reef break was a solid left, so bowly and punchy, no wonder the locals here were so protective of this wave!

The next day we went for a morning walk, it was a Sunday so we expected to see the beach full. It was mid-summer, and as we approached I couldn’t even see the sand. There were just cute beach towels covering every inch of that beach. This is where it hit me! We need a round version, that can fit more than one person which would condense the crowd. My brother and I started to come up with some designs and color ways, and before you knew it we had our first big product. The round towel! We discovered shortly after this was done by a few actors in LA decades ago, but luckily they decided to move on after their huge success with Paramount.

It was that day that brought us and our idea together for the cute beach towels we now sell in hundreds of retailers around the globe and online.

One thought I did have about WindnSea that summer was that I could never live near that beach due to the crowds. But after visiting in the Winter and Spring, I learned it was a whole new place. I came back for the surf and after the first visit everyone had said it was way better during the winter months. Boy were they right, January was absolutely pumping. By far the best month to be there. As I drove past WindnSea I couldn’t help but notice it was completely empty! No cute beach towels littering the beach. The tourism really slows down during the winter in San Diego, which makes it an ideal time to visit. The holidays get super busy though, so I wouldn’t recommend coming here for Xmas!