Cool Beach Towels

A cool beach towel is just the start of a perfect beach day. Let us aid you in your beach adventures. 


In today’s society there are so many factors that will determine how cool something is. When it comes to cool beach towels, the main components include: design, shape, meaning, and fabric. Now the one that is not so obvious is fabric, so let’s start with that. Most beach towels (especially towels priced inexpensively) are made from a blend or entirely of microfiber (i.e. polyester, polyamide, nylon). This fabric whether recycled or not is the leading pollution issue for our oceans. Essentially microfiber is plastic, and when it is washed it breaks down into tiny particles that get diluted into the water cycle. The water from your laundry eventually ends up in our water ways, and inevitably into the oceans. Cool beach towels should be made from a fabric that does not have these detrimental impacts, hence why SLIPPA uses 100% sustainably grown cotton. Now to the more obvious factors, let’s move onto design. This is where we separate ourselves from the rest. Unlike other companies, we partner up with amazing artists to create patterns for our towels. Instead of just choosing stock designs from a factory, we take actual hand drawn artwork and translate it to our towels. Each design is unique and there is nothing else in the world like it. Now just because our designs are beautiful and unique, doesn’t mean we deserve to say we are the coolest. The meaning behind each design is what makes our line cool beach towels. Many of our designs are derived from ancient mandalas that have some deep meaningful purpose to their line work. For example, one of the most popular designs we have is the Lotus. The meaning behind this symbol is divine beauty and purity. The unfolding of its leaves represent the expansion of the soul and a spiritual awakening. So next time your laying out on the sand with your friends and they ask you what’s up with your crazy round towel, you’ll be able to educate them! The concept of incorporating a mandala design onto the round towel originated with SLIPPA, and one of the first artists we brought on board was the talented Jessica Melaragni. Jess is from the United Kingdom, and her artwork speaks for itself. Our personal favorite was the Brahma, which means the “creator”. This meaningful symbol embraces power and independence. The boldness of the black and white print will capture overwhelming attention no matter where you are. Clearly, cool beach towels should have amazing prints and meanings. But how about shape? The standard rectangular beach towel is so over played, not to say there not practical. However, if you really want to be different and stand out, a towel shaped as a circle is a must. When you look onto the sand at a crowded beach, there is a common theme of umbrellas and square or rectangular beach blankets. In fact, even with today’s trend for round towels, you still don’t see a ton of them on the beaches. So if you are looking for cool beach towels, wouldn’t it make more sense to have something different?


Coolest Beach Towels in the South

The coolest places to visit in Peru are too many to name in these following paragraphs. So instead I will focus on the coast line. I started my journey in Ecuador, in the capital city called Guayaquil. Most travelers will start in Lima but I wanted to start North and work my down to the final destination which was the legendary Chicama. I packed my bag and made sure I brought my cool beach towels to show any new friends I met along the way. I grabbed a bus from Guayaquil and headed to the border, it was about 11 hours to get down to my first stop, Mancora. This beach town was full of fun things to do and really cool shops, I stayed in a Balinese suite overlooking the point, the primo surf spot in Mancora. After waking up and walking downstairs, breakfast awaits. They serve a solid breakfast (eggs, toast, fruit, fresh Peruivan coffee) on an outdoor patio that literally overlooks the point. It was so hard to eat breakfast while staring at these reeling lefts that would break for 1 minute plus rides. On the beach in front of the resort there are cool beach towels laid out for guests to use. I was stoked to see the SLIPPA towels spread out for people to enjoy.

After spending a week ripping up that left, I headed to my next stop, Lobitos. This place was really scary, it took a few hours from Mancora (about 2) and looked like a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The taxi dropped us off at a sketchy hostel and there was no waves in sight. I was so confused! I looked in the horizon and it seemed like a massive rock jetty all the way down the beach. It took a good 30 min to walk down, and I had to drag my surfboards along the sand just hoping there was going to be something down there. Once I passed the rocks, I saw a plethora of cool beach towels spread out on the beach. Again I got to see a SLIPPA towel! A couple from Texas was on a surf trip and they were enjoying their Cape Verde towel. It was certainly the most unique beach towels on the sand. They told me this place was one of the more magical waves they surfed own here and I can see why! They called the surf spot Picinas which meant pool in Spanish. The large rock jetty housed a natural swimming pool that overlooked a wicked left barrel that would just reel on down the beach. I jumped in with boardies on and almost froze! I had to jump back to shore and grab my new friends cool beach towels and change into a summer suit. This wave was so perfect, it would suck up and force you into a perfect barrel, then spit you out down the line into a perfect lined up face. So fun!

I was so ready to head to Chicama after surfing so many good lefts, I wanted to see how it can possibly get better. This next bus ride was about 14 hours (BRUTAL!) and it took us to an even scarier place haha. This was truly a desolate fishing village. Nothing but fisherman, locals, and a few crazy surfers. As I approached the mecca left, I couldn’t help but notice all of the cool beach towels that littered the beach. AGAIN! The most unique beach towels at the most unique point break so perfect! One of our famous Brahma towels were laid out at the point. It was like a sign that I found my heaven. The wave broke so long that you’d need to rent a boat for a few hours to taxi you back and forth. The first day I was so stubborn and surfed it without a boat rental. It took an hour to walk back to the point after my first wave! The rides were an average of 2 minutes long, which left your legs burning! After surfing, I was lucky to have my cool beach towels to wrap up in because it really cooled off at night. This place was a true desert, hot during the day and cool at night. When you visit, make sure to keep an eye out for those unique beach towels at the point! The winds did not help either, they did not stop blowing, but at least they were offshore! The best part about traveling with unique beach towels is that you really do stand out on that beach. Certain places that may not be good but in Peru, you want to get noticed by locals at Chicama, they have the boats!