Beach Towels for Sale

Shop our beach towels for sale, our prints and quality will guarantee to turn heads. 

There are so many options when it comes to beach towels for sale. When searching online you’ll find endless options, but you’re probably looking to get the best quality for a fair price. Much easier said than done! Our product differentiates for quite a few reasons, the most obvious is the materials. Nowadays, it is common to find microfiber or polyester blends being used since it is so cheap, and there are a lot of negatives with these materials. But when it comes to function, they will simply not absorb as much water as cotton will. For those companies who do use cotton, they usually fall into 250-300 GSM range. This is a measure of cotton quality (gram per square meter) which basically tells you the density of the cotton. The problem with low density cotton is that it's not very durable, although very lightweight. So after a few seasons, you'll need replacements. Some beach towels for sale will over compensate and try to use 480 GSM or even higher. The quality is great but it becomes so heavy, especially when damp, that it is a burden to carry around. After quite some research, we found the optimal GSM count is 400. All of our products are 400 GSM in our current line of beach towels for sale. If you’re looking for something to last you a lifetime, you’re in the right place. Not only is the grade of material superior, but our construction and printing process is equally impressive. Our tassels are attached by a double binding process. So not only do they have piping holding the tassels in place, we take the extra step to fold over the cotton and double stitch the piping. Many competing companies do not understand the importance of this step. They are use to the traditional methods that go into making rectangular beach towels for sale. We specialize in the circle shape, and this allows us to focus on the best techniques in order to stay ahead of our competition. This is why you can run our towels through the washer machine. 90% of companies skip this step, and after one or two wash cycles you'll notice the tassels falling apart on you! This is not the only thing that makes our beach towels for sale machine washable however. The printing process is a huge factor to consider. Instead of simply printing or sublimating ink and dyes onto our towels, we actually infuse the dyes into our fabric. The fabric is actually heated up in warm water which opens up the fabric and allows the dyes to truly sink into the fabric. Although this is a costly extra step, it is well worth it. We have extremely large machines that can wash up to 500 towels at a time, but remember, there is no shortcuts when it comes to top quality. This process is proprietary and is one of the key reasons why our prints never fade over time. In fact, the more you wash our towels, the softer and more plush they get!  

Typically, when you ask someone who travels to surf where the best place to shop in the area would be, you’d usually get no response. However, when I first traveled to Maui it was for business. I was assigned to scout the area for the best shopping areas and locate the shops that fit our products. When I first flew into Maui, I had no idea what to expect. On my flight over I researched the island and what I found was that there were certain hotspots known for shopping. The towns were quite spread apart, and the island was divided into sections. I started my journey in Paia. This beach town was extremely laid back and had an amazing surf vibe to it. There was amazing food, boutiques, and art galleries that you can check out. I rolled up on a sign that read beach towels for sale in one of the shop windows. I walked into Biasa Rose, which was a really beautiful store. They had really cool products and wasn’t super expensive. This is something I was wary of, I have visited many places and there are certain stores that will totally rip you off, but not here. I spoke with the owner there and introduced her to my towels. Now when your visiting Paia and your own the main strip, look out for the sign at Biasa Rose, beach towels for sale, and you can grab one of our round towels.

My next stop was a really quiet little town called Makawao, this place had some really cool shops. One of which was the Mercantile. This is a great shop to check out, they had quite a few beach towels for sale. The selection was impressive, and they were stoked to try our round towels out. If you’re in the area, I would totally grab a coffee at the local brewery across the street from the Emporium. If you’re looking to get a gift or something from Maui, I would recommend Makawao for sure. This town is very small so it will not take all day to really check it out. I was able to squeeze in one more stop, Kihei. The southern region of Maui is certainly more touristy which I didn’t love. Kihei has all of the major resorts and high rise buildings, I must have passed by at least four signs that read beach towels for sale on my way down. The nicest shop I found in this area would have to be the Bikini Market. The store has the best brands and quality swimwear and accessories. Most of the shops I found in this area were not too nice but they had cool products that were from Hawaii. Not too far away was a place called Wailea. The shops at Wailea are probably the highest end shopping I encountered on the island. Although I did not see any signs that read beach towels for sale, there was plenty of goods being bought. The stores were buzzing, and everything was so elegant. I would say this was the most expensive shopping I had witnessed on any of the Hawaiian Islands.