Beach Towels

Slippa offers beach towels like no other. Enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with something new. 

So your searching for the best beach towels? Well, you found them! There are so many factors to consider when you’re looking to purchase one, and ideally it’s something you’ll have for a long time. Whether you like to admit it or not, a day at the beach is going to get messy. There is sand everywhere, salt water which tends to destroy everything, and the sun blazing down on you. All of these make a cocktail to deteriorate your beach goods. Well we took that into consideration. As daily beach goers, are main goal was to create something that was built to last. So although our products are not the cheapest out there, it is something you’ll be able to adventure with for a long time. Many of our friends and family would always buy the cheap towels, but we noticed they would have to replace them half way through the season. In fact, if they spent a little more on a quality product, they would have actually saved money! The construction of our beach towels is very unique, the most noticeable is that they are round. Back in the 1970’s, a man named Clemens joined up with the Farrely Brother’s to invent the very first round towel. They noticed a huge problem with sun bathers, they would have to constantly re-position their towel to get the right angle to the sun. So, why not create something where the person would simply have to rotate their body, similar to a sun dial. Then boom! It hit them, a circular towel. During a stay in Los Angeles, we actually ran into the nephew of the inventor and learned they gave up on the idea. So we decided to go back to the drawing board and further perfect this Southern California invention. What else would you want from a beach towel? Well, comfort is huge. So we blended a high quality Oeko tex cotton that felt like you were bringing the living room to the beach. Our beach towels are so soft that it feels like your laying on a cloud. And the best part is, the more you wash it, the softer it gets! We also wanted to create something you can share, because nobody likes going to the beach alone. So our towels are five feet in diameter, which is perfect for two people. So if your friends are like ours, and they forget their towel, you’ll be able to share. As we were designing the beach towels, we wanted to also have a great visual appeal. Nowadays with social media being such a big deal, we wanted something that people can share with their friends and really enjoy visually. So when you post a photo on your Facebook or Instagram with our beach towels, you’ll stand out among the rest! So as you continue your search, remember, quality is a very important factor. We are so confident in our product that you’ll receive a customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you do not love it, we will accept a full refund.

Southern California is one of the most unique and beautiful places in the United States. It has the largest surfing community and our beach season is virtually all year round. SLIPPA is a brand that embodies the southern California lifestyle and our beach towels are not like any others. For the most part, beach towels tend to be thin cotton, 300 GSM in weight, making them wear down fairly quickly. Since we spend so much time at the beach, we had to create a beach towel that can last. We tried various blends of cotton, and found that for beach towels, the magic number was 400 GSM. Other high end luxury beach towels may use 500 GSM or even more, but this creates another issue, weight. Nobody wants to carry around a beach towel that weighs more than a brick, especially when it is wet! Also, a good beach towel drys quickly, and the heavier cotton you use, the longer it will take to dry. Blending the cotton was the best option, but with what fabric. Many companies will use microfiber, but what is microfiber? And more importantly is it sustainable? The answer is microfiber is a polyamide, or in english, plastic. This low end fabric is commonly used in towels because its ability to dry fast, but the material can be very irritating to your skin. The process in which it is manufactured is not very sustainable either, the last thing we need on this planet is more plastic! 

So back to the drawing boards, what blend should we use? After doing some research, we discovered many beach towels are blended with velour. Cotton velour is super soft, so that solves the issue with skin irritation. It also dries faster than standard terry loop cotton, so far so good. Now the tricky part, is it sustainable. The main factor is how your fabric is sourced, Oeko tex certified materials are necessary to make the items sustainable and we are proud to follow those standards in our manufacturing. The last process that we wanted to ensure was sustainable is the printing process, what types of inks and dyes are being used is super important. Not surprising there are a lot of products (mostly clothing) that are using harmful inks, which can be absorbed through your skin (Read more). Would you want to use a beach towel that would slowly kill you? Yeah us neither, so we took it into our own hands to find a better alternative. There are some awesome dyes that can derived from algae, they are safe to use and will not cause any harmful side effects (Natural dyes). This type of ink when printed also does better in the wash, so no fading or bleeding! Who knew beach towels can be so complicated! 

The designs are hand drawn from our team of artists who are all over the globe! We have artists we work with in the UK, in Uruguay, NY, among other places. Each design is inspired by different cultures and regions, so you get to enjoy some art while your lounging. There are so many uses for our products, such as: yoga, home decor, rugs, throw blankets, picnic blankets, and bath towels. Some of our retailers are yoga studios, right here in California. Many of the designs are inspired by spiritual symbols that a yogi can appreciate. The Brahma and the Mahina are our most popular yoga towels. Being that we are in a place where its always beach season, yoga is very popular to do on the sand. So it only makes sense to bring a beach towel with you, but it has to be practical. Issue number one with yoga mats and towels are that they do not give you enough space for full movement. Our product is five feet in diameter, this allows you to stretch in every direction! Also, the dense cotton gives you a decent cushion to lay on, whereas microfiber yoga towels are too thin. After an intense yoga session, it only makes sense to jump into the ocean to cool down. But, what to dry off with? Not a yoga mat! Our towels make the best beach yoga accessory out for sure.