Beach Towels for Two

A beach towel for two is better than a beach towel for one. Share the Slippa love with your favorite person today. 

Tucked away on the coastline of Jamaica, there is an amazing blue water lagoon called Boston Bay. At first glance, you may think you found one of the best waves in Jamaica. But the truth is that this side of the island is nothing compared to Kingston. The wave quality is okay but it is very soft and best for a smaller board. We had a cool spot by the bay we would hang out that had an amazing entrance into the water. It was a natural break in the reef that led to small tide pool that eventually led to the bay. We were on our beach towel for two, soaking up the sun waiting for the tide to drop out. I remember asking my brother if he wanted to grab some food, and the Jamaican children came running to us with a few different tips. It seemed like the hustle started young here, and these kids were on it! Within 5 minutes we were stuffing our face with some Jerk chicken. For those who have not tried the Jamaican Jerk, we highly recommend it!

Thankfully we brought our beach towel for two that day, we only had one when we packed our bags and it would be a drag to sit on that sand! It is extremely hot! And to make matters worse the shade is very limited here. Not as bad as Kingston however, there beaches had very few if any trees so you'd just bake in the sun all day long. My parents were not fans of the Kingston area, it was certainly less luxurious. But from what I was told, this was the "real" Jamaica. After visiting other parts of the island, such as Montego Bay and Negril, I must agree that it doesn’t get more authentic than Kingston. We always wanted to do a print that symbolized Jamaica on our beach towel for two, especially after that trip. You wouldn’t think this, but that was probably some of the best surf we had ever had. Granted the waves were not massive, but there was no crowds (unless you're at Boston Bay). We were escorted around by the locals who pioneered surfing in Jamaica. The Wilmot family. We were so grateful we sent them a care package after our trip with some ponchos and a few of the beach towel for two.

Although the surf was way better in Kingston than other parts of the island, I would still heavily recommend visiting Boston Bay. They had this amazing rock jump that you’d walk up and jump right into the bay! We ended up doing that a few times with our boards. The villas and resorts here are also very nice and exclusive. It offers a lot of privacy especially where we rented. We had our own house on the hill that overlooked the ocean. The yard was massive and we even had a guard! We left a few things at the house, of course we had to pass along a beach towel for two for the next guest!