Beach Blankets

Beach blankets are a treat for everyone. Whether you're kicking it at the beach with friends or the fam, make sure you have what you need to lounge in style. 

Summertime is our favorite time of the year, and luckily it is always summer here in San Diego. We have become experts when it comes to beach blankets, mainly because we spend everyday there! Part of our vision here at SLIPPA is to have the best beach products in the market. When your ready to hit the beach and you go over your checklist, beach blankets usually are a top priority. You need something that will keep you out of the sand, easy and light to pack, and something that can actually dry you off! Some beach mats pack super tight and light, but they usually don't dry you off well or give you enough room to sprawl out. And some of the cotton beach blankets are WAY to heavy, worse, once there wet they weigh more than a bag of bricks! Nothing is more annoying than adding more weight to your arsenal of beach gear, especially when your rolling with kids. 

Our family beach blanket has been evolving for a long time now, the first one was a massive quilt that was great for a few reasons, but a nightmare for many others. Let’s start with the positives, it was nice to be able to fit the entire family on the blanket. It was also super soft, almost felt like you were laying in your bed! I wish there were more positives, but that was about it. The negatives are pretty important factors, let’s start with the size. The quilt when folded up was like carrying a small folding table (not fun). On top of the size, the thing weighed way to much. My parents literally had to use a wagon sometimes! The biggest negative about the quilt was how the sand would get stuck in the fabric and you would not be able to brush it off very easily. We then moved onto the bed sheets, which were really great because they were light and packed down to be very portable. They also did not hold the sand, you just had to brush it off. However when it was windy or the beach had a nice sea breeze going, sand would constantly get on the sheet. Sometimes the breeze would even take the sheet with it. So a little bit of weight is nice for beach blankets. Once we got out of the ocean for a swim, you want something to dry yourself off with (we spend most of our time swimming, surfing, or diving at the ocean). The beach sheet was the worst, it couldn't dry you off well and got wet way too fast. Who wants to carry a beach blanket down to the beach that you can’t even use to dry yourself off! Many of the similar products you see when compared to ours are the same material as a thin bed sheet. 

Many of our competitors are using cheap materials such as chiffon, which are identical to the thickness of a sheet. They are usually sold on websites like Amazon for very low prices. Many of our clients complain about these since they are falsely advertised. People expect a terry cotton material and when they get the beach blankets, it totally makes sense why the price is so low. Many of these beach blankets are made in India, this is where chiffon and thinner fabrics are commonly used. If drying off is not a concern for you, these will do just fine. However, if you are looking for something functional you will need a more absorbent fabric. We use a blended cotton with double terry loop on one side that is ideal for drying. Our beach blankets are extremely absorbent and still pack down enough for travel. For a person who spends a lot of their time in the water, you’ll want something that can dry you off. It is also great when you are headed back in a car and want to lay it down on your seat. A thinner material will allow water to run through and get your seat wet, which is what you were trying to avoid in the first place. With a thick cotton blend, the fabric will absorb all of the dampness and not allow it to go through to your seat. 

We have the best beach blankets because of these factors mentioned above. You need something that can fit more than one person, ideally two people. Anything more than that you start running into size issues. Next, our towels are very portable when packed, use compression bags if you have them! Once packed they are very light. They are excellent for not letting sand get stuck in the fibers, and best part is they are super absorbent. So when your headed back from the beach you can leave dry!