Awesome Beach Towels

An awesome beach towel starts with an awesome selection. Choose from our awesome selection below. 

Southern California is a special place, and in any transit’s perspective there is no signs of seasonal changes. However, for the people who are actually born and raised here, it is a different story. One of my favorite shops is in Mission beach, called Rail to Rail, and they have some awesome beach towels. We were talking with the owner, who gave us the low down on the season scene. Apparently, there are quite a few bursts of vacationers coming in, during holidays, spring break, football season, but most of all is during the summertime. He referred to them as zonies (most of these people were indeed from Arizona). They carried nice beach towels and chairs with their kids dragging behind. He picked up our awesome beach towels to offer his customers. But when I first experienced a summer season here, I was not too thrilled. The beaches were packed, the surf was nothing more than poor. Even worse most spots had over 20 surfers in the line up. It was hectic to say the least. Most of the summer you would need a long board given the poor wave quality. Luckily I had just picked up a nine-foot board from a buddy for only a hundred bucks, just in time for summer. This thing was a pain to carry around, but at certain spots it was a dream. I would take her out at the point in Pacific Beach, where you find some amazing long lines breaking even when the waves were minimal. My first experience with that board I will never forget. I ran down to the point with some nice beach towels and my buddy shouted OUCH within the first few minutes! He didn’t even get his feet wet and got hit by a sting ray. These things are rad, it is a shooting pain that you must act on immediately, because it only gets worse. The lifeguards cruised over and helped him out. Oddly enough, they had him stick his foot in the hot sand to extract the venom. I had always used a boiling pot of water and that would do the trick. But this worked! I ran out to grab a few waves but once again I heard another shout. This guy was toking a bowl on the beach and asked me what had happened. I did not waste much time with him, and continued to surf. Finally getting in the water it hit me, this place is a circus during the summer. The traffic is unbelievable, the crowds are choking the sidewalks, but I must say, local businesses were doing extremely well. The local businesses thrive during these times, many of them are only open during the summer! The weather can be warm all year round, but the winter it is more common to have some cooler days. I had some nice beach towels hanging on our porch and it was so humid one summer they stayed wet all day and night. Usually it is very dry weather, so even during hot summers it’s way more comfortable than the south or the east coast. Summertime is amazing in San Diego, but way too crowded. I would rather visit in January. There are so many cool shops that have awesome beach towels as well. I would personally recommend Hi Sweetheart in La Jolla, that shop is incredible! If you’re staying further north toward Laguna Beach, I would recommend a shop called Brass Tack on Forest Ave, they have awesome beach towels as well. And if your north of that, head to Heritage Mercantile in Newport!